Counseling Center of Expressive Arts Announcement

Now providing Distance Therapy

We care deeply for your safety, the safety of your family, and the safety of our staff. Due to the current events of the COVID-19 virus outbreak, we are offering an alternative in which you can continue attending therapy from home. Until further notice, the Counseling Center of Expressive Arts is exclusively offering Distance Therapy.

What is Distance Therapy?

Distance Therapy will allow you or your family to continue attending therapy sessions via video telecommunications. You can have access to this with devices such as your smartphone, a tablet, or computer or laptop with webcam access.

For further information on scheduling Distance Therapy sessions, contact our office:

The First Step Is Yours

Counseling Services


Counseling can help you identify patterns of thoughts, behaviors, and emotions that cause you pain or prevent you from reaching your full potential.


Couples therapy focuses on relationships in distress. Counseling can help you reconnect with your partner and move the relationship forward.


Family therapy helps family members improve communication and resolve conflict. Counseling can help identify patterns of interactions that contribute to family struggles.

Group Therapy

Participation in a group helps you become aware of your own feelings and needs within a therapeutic social setting that can increase interpersonal and coping skills.

Children & Adolescents

Children as young as 2 can receive counseling at CCOEA. Counseling can also help build your capacity for parenting and your ability to cope with your child’s behavior.

Play Therapy

Expressing their emotions, pain, or fears in words does not come naturally to children. Children best express their feelings, thoughts, and experiences through play.

Child-Parent Relationship Training

The primary focus of CPRT is to strengthen your relationship with your child. Basic play therapy skills are used to increase communication and improve parenting.

Art Therapy

Art therapy uses art media, images, and the creative process to help reconcile emotional conflicts and promote personal growth.

Expressive Arts

Expressive arts include visual arts, movement, drama, music, writing and other creative processes.  The internal process of the individual, family or group is the focus.

Sand Tray Therapy

You will create a three-dimensional scene in a tray using sand, water and realistic miniature figures engaging the creative process.