Administrative Staff


The quality of work produced at CCOEA is a team effort.  The heartbeat of our team is the administrative staff.  Our staff is the first contact most of our clients experience when beginning the journey of healing and exploration.

Our frontline support may handle situations such as suicide calls or clients in distress.  Our administrative staff is polite, efficient and problem solvers who are determined to help our clients.

Counselors and Therapists

At CCOEA, we aspire to a high standard of excellence and best practice.  We hire only the best counselors and therapists we can find, pride ourselves on the quality of care we provide, and ensure that our facility matches that standard.  On the other hand, counselors do not always have the training they need to step into an organization like CCOEA.  As part of its commitment to its counselors, CCOEA provides learning opportunities such as peer teaching, peer consultation, weekly staffings, and continuing education opportunities.

CCOEA provides counselors with the opportunity for professional growth, as well as personal growth.  Each counselor has the opportunity to attend 12 hours of CEU training a year at no cost.  Each counselor also has the opportunity to present their area of expertise in staffing.  Because we believe professional growth is so important we are a state approved provider for state CEUs for Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Social Workers, and Registered Play Therapists.  Counselors at CCOEA can attend more extensive trainings at 50% of cost.

To build a learning organization and utilize the talents of the counselors, CCOEA delivers exceptional administrative support.  CCOEA cultivates key referral sources, maintains consistent billing practices, addresses insurance company credentialing, handles late payments and fee collections, and minimizes no show and unscheduled hours so the counselor is attending to the needs of the client.

A keystone at CCOEA is facilitating relationships and collaboration.  Counselors are encouraged to address their work and professional goals as independent providers.  CCOEA encourages independent thinking, accountability to self, and constant, consistent professional growth.

To also help our counselors, CCOEA is a National Health Service Corp (NHSC) site, allowing counselors and therapists to participate in the student loan repayment program NHSC provides.  For more information on loan repayment program contact 1-800-221-9393.

Please contact us to learn about our facility and possible employment.


The Counseling Center of Expressive Arts (CCOEA) is a for-profit psychotherapy and counseling training center located in the heart of El Paso, Texas.  In order to increase our expertise as counselors and therapists, improve our knowledge of self, and understand the movement and current research in our profession we cannot operate in a bubble.  Learning and personal growth happens most favorably in a supportive community.  CCOEA provides interns with that learning environment.  CCOEA’s clinical staff represents a wide range of theoretical orientations and experience committed to growing the profession by advancing the skills and practices of newly licensed interns and associates.

The Counseling Center of Expressive Arts seeks qualified post-Masters licensed interns and associates to join our staff.  At CCOEA, we search for interns that desire to expand their expertise, knowledge, and professionalism through dedication, hard work, and self-exploration.  Applicants from diverse cultural backgrounds and sexual orientations are welcomed.

CCOEA Internships Include:

  • A supportive community
  • Exposure to a variety of theoretical orientations
  • Independence in investigating and embracing your theoretical orientation
  • Diversity of referrals: children, adolescents, adults, individual, couples, families, and groups
  • Training in expressive arts including a variety of modalities in art, sandtray, and play
  • Opportunity to create groups based on your interests
  • Weekly individual supervision
  • Weekly group supervision
  • Participation in weekly staffing of experienced therapists and counselors
  • Opportunity to work long term with clients
  • Probability of future employment with CCOEA

Intern Responsibilities Include:

  • 10-30 hours direct client hours, depending on desired case load
  • Participation in weekly individual supervision
  • Participation in weekly group supervision
  • Participation in weekly staffings
  • Maintain professional and liability insurance
  • Manage required paperwork for client files
  • Attend trainings suggested or required by your supervisor
  • Personal therapy